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    It's Only a Paper Moon

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    Nat King Cole


"The man undid the top button of his shirt and loosened his tie, which was a dark blue with a fine-grained pattern. His suit was also dark blue. He wore a pale blue shirt with a standard collar. She went on reading her book as she waited for her Cutty Sark to come. Discreetly, she undid the top button of her blouse. The jazz duo played "It’s Only a Paper Moon." The pianist sang a single chorus." - 1Q84

Nat King Cole - It’s Only a Paper Moon

First Love

In spring
You were the lemon tree
And I chose you for your colors
But when winter came
You bore no fruit
You wore your plastic coat
So I could not warm your hands
And when the fruit finally came
You said it was too much
You leaned heavy and wanted to be picked
And I with my knife stuck you
Opened you and tasted the bitter
You did not like that
But I cut deeper and added salt
And when I could eat no more
I scraped the meat from your yellow skin
And threw you out with the chicken bones

From An Owl’s Landscape. Copyright © Jon Veinberg

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